Open Letter to Sen. Alex Padilla

Sen. Alex Padilla, Take Action Now!

State Sen. Alex Padilla, co-author of California’s Smart Meter authorization bill (SB 17), and Chairman of the powerful Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee, is ignoring the serious problems with his Smart Meter program. He is also ignoring the scientific research on wireless technology hazards.

Wireless radiation from Smart Meters, cell phones, cell towers, wireless internet, and more is increasingly recognized as an environmental toxin. The World Health Organization declared it a Class 2B carcinogen in 2011. Yet, there has been no action by Sen. Padilla’s committee to protect Californians.

An arrogant and out-of-control California Public Utilities Commission refuses to investigate or take action on the problems with Smart Meters.

Meanwhile, California suffers the harmful impacts from these technologies.

When will Sen. Padilla and his committee stand up for the public, instead of rubber-stamping what the industry wants?

Who will stand up for Californians?

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