Michael Bevington: Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

2013 edition

From ElectroSensitivity UK

 ES Summary Book

“This new edition of the ElectroSenstivity UK Primer is double the size of the original published in 2010, now with over 1800 research references. It includes scientific updates, quantum biology, earthing, and sensitivity in plants and animals, along with disability issues. The colour tables inside the covers show the vast difference between heating and biological limits, demonstrating how exposure guidelines around most of the world are entirely inadequate. Current diagnostic and treatment protocols, a glossary, time-line and shielding examples add practical resources.”

Michael Bevington MA (Oxon.), MEd. Chair of Trustees of ES-UK

The New Edition with an Introduction by NHS Doctor, Andrew Tresidder, gives readers an encyclopaedic insight into EHS/ES. There are many new charts and important summaries, e.g.:

  • Symptoms of EHS
  • Sources of EMR
  • International Guidelines and Sensitivity Thresholds
  • Medical Evidence
  • Treatment and Therapies
  • Shielding Suggestions
  • Earthing and Body Voltage
  • Key Dates; Scientific Discoveries and Regulation.
  • 1,800 references to scientific papers relating to this illness and incorporates all developments up until mid 2012.

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Price including postage:  £17.00 per book mailed elsewhere in  Europe

To purchase book  http://es-uk.info/15-home/32-electromagnetic-sensitivity-and-electromagnetic-hypersensitivity-a-summary-by-michael-bevington-new-edition-march-2013.html

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