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Stephen Clarke — Held against his will in a psychiatric unit in Northern Ireland and forcibly medicated with anti-psychotic drugs until September 25, 2014, was imprisoned at Maghaberry Prison

Breaking News, December 18, 2014

Stephen Clarke has been released from Maghaberry prison WITHOUT CHARGE. No prison record. No psychiatric record. (And no car because it was clamped and he does not have the finances to get it released and repaired.)

He was held for three months in a psychiatric unit on false pretenses and then another four months in a prison. After 15 court appearances, most of them by video link, he is back home in the Republic of Ireland.

He was not allowed to address the court using the Common Law convention of “Motu Proprio” – to speak the truth.

Unfortunately he has not been able to gain access to his children, nor they to him.

This is an exceptional outcome – all because he insisted upon his belief in God and the rights He bestowed on all human beings.


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Stephen Clarke protested Wi-Fi in his children’s school in Northern Ireland. He climbed a statue in Belfast and waved a white flag. It was a peaceful protest to raise awareness to this issue.

For doing that, he was incarcerated at Mater Hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland, against his will and was being forcibly medicated with anti-psychotic drugs. He was held there from about June 7 to September 25, 2014.

A scheduled hearing was cancelled, and he was released. His car insurance had expired while he was incarcerated, and he was arrested and put in prison for driving with his insurance expired.

Stephen is being held at:

Maghaberry Prison
17 Old Road
Ballinderry Upper
County Antrim BT28 2PT
Northern Ireland
Great Britain


Stephen also has citizenship in Canada.

The Human Rights Commission can be contacted here:

Rhyannon Blythe BL
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Temple Court 39 North Street
Belfast BT1 1NA
Tel: (028) 90243987
Fax: (028) 90247844
Email: rhyannon.blythe@nihrc.org

People responsible at the home office and an example of one letter sent while he was held at Mater Hospital:

The Rt Hon Theresa May MP Secretary of State for the Home Department

The Rt Hon Norman Baker MP Minister of State for Crime Prevention

James Brokenshire MP Minister for Security and Immigration

The Rt Hon Mike Penning MP Minister of State for Policing, Criminal Justice and Victims

Karen Bradley MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Modern Slavery and Organised Crime)

Lord Bates Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Criminal Information

Direct communications unit
2 Marsham Street
Great Britain