Wireless Smart Meters and Potential for Electrical Fires
Cindy Sage, Sage Associates and James J. Biergiel, EMF Electrical Consultant, July 2010

Case Study of Smart Meter System Deployment
Recommendations for Ensuring Ratepayer Benefits
California Division of Ratepayer Advocates, March 2012
— Study on Southern California Edison

Advanced Metering Infrastructure
– Implications for Residential Customers in New Jersey
Synapse Energy Economics, Inc., prepared for New Jersey Department of Public Advocate, Division of Rate Counsel  July 8, 2008

The Structure Group Investigation
and Report on PG&E’s Smart Meters,
CPUC Division of Ratepayer Advocates, July 15, 2011

NRC Canada: Environmental Pollution by Microwave Radiation
— A Potential Threat to Human Health, LTR CS-98,
Bigu del Blanco, Romero-Sierra, Tanner, 1973

Health Risks Associated with Smart Meters, January 2012
Santa Cruz County Health Department



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