Report on Smart Meter Problems

Updated May 1, 2017

The report “Analysis: Smart Meter and Smart Grid Problems – Legislative Proposal” is available free to the public for downloading and printing. This 173-page report, released in 2012 by health and environmental advocate Nina Beety, has extensive referenced information on the many problems and risks of the Smart Meter program known at that time, with information from state, national, and international resources.

Investigation and admissions by the industry since 2012 continue to substantiate these serious problems, providing a searing indictment on regulatory and legislative officials who have failed to halt Smart Meter deployments.

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Project Censored 2019 yearbook: “How Big Wireless Convinced Us Cell Phones and Wi-Fi are Safe” is 4th top story

The Project Censored 2019 yearbook is now on sale, with their ranking of the most important, under-reported stories for 2017-2018.

#4 is “How Big Wireless Convinced us Cell Phones and Wi-Fi are Safe”.

Please support independent journalism and Project Censored.

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Physicians for Safe Technology: RF effects on the environment and wildlife

From Physicians for Safe Technology (

This excellent website has in-depth information on many aspects of wireless radiation health effects.

Overview Summary

Animal Life and the Earth’s Magnetic Field

A diverse array of animal life relies upon the earth’s magnetic field for navigation, breeding, feeding, migration and survival. Biologists have discovered that wireless electromagnetic radiation disturbs internal magneto-receptors used for navigation, as well as disrupting other complex cellular and biologic processes in mammals, birds, fish, insects, trees, plants, seeds and bacteria with profound impacts on the natural environment. Different species have different interactions with radiofrequency radiation (RFR) and differ in their toxic effect. These effects may not be immediately apparent with a slow decline in the health of wildlife seen over time with cumulative exposure.

Increased Radiofrequency Radiation and The Decline of Birds, Bees and Wildlife

Biologists have noted that wildlife are susceptible to harm from manmade ambient electromagnetic fields. Researchers are now attributing RFR from cellular telecommunications to be a contributing cause of bee “colony collapse disorder”, insect disappearance, the decline in house sparrows in London, as well as the steady deterioration of the worlds bird population with now than 40% of bird species under critical threat. Scientists note a serious lack of radiation monitoring and protocols to study the impacts and call for precaution in the placement of cell towers and further expansion of wireless broadband. In the United States, Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 does not allow consideration of environmental effects in the placement of cell towers. Telecommunications Act of 1996

Wildlife Are More Vulnerable to Wireless Radiation

Adverse responses from radiofrequency radiation that have been identified include abnormal behavior, developmental abnormalities, diminished reproduction and increased mortality. Birds, bees, turtles, dolphins, salamanders, salmon, amphibians and other animals use the earth’s weak magnetic field and their own internal magneto-receptors to navigate.  Birds have feathers that can act as antenna and amplify the negative effects of RF radiation Bigu-del-Blanco (1975). Insects, the base of the food chain, appear particularly susceptible to radiofrequency radiation, especially 5G millimeter wavelengths which are the size of the insect and create a damaging resonance effect.

Mammals, like humans, have similar reproductive organs, immune systems and nervous systems, thus are susceptible to molecular and cellular harm from artificial wireless radiofrequency wavelengths. Katie Singer, in her extensively referenced book Electronic Silent Spring, highlights that the earths living systems evolved their own internal and external signaling systems in the presence of the earth’s low electromagnetic environment and thus are vulnerable to the much higher levels of artificial pulsed electromagnetic radiation experienced today.

Cell Towers Emit Wireless Radiation Over Dozens of Miles of Terrain

Stationary cell and radio towers create a circle of high power wireless radiation (1500 feet) around them, with a much larger radius (dozens of miles) of lower power radiation, which scientists have found can contribute to environmental disturbances.  In cities the density is much higher with more towers and co-location of multiple antennas on a single tower to accommodate multiple telecommunication carriers.  Firstenberg (2017) in his fascinating and well-researched book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, describes both observations and biological experiments performed, mostly in Europe, where radio broadcast towers caused not only human symptoms but also affected widespread forest health with loss of birds, thinner growth rings on trees, poor seed germination and loss of duckweed, among other effects. When these towers were removed, not only did local residents symptoms disappear, the forest recovered.  The Skrunda Radio Location Case.

For the rest of this page —

Environment and Wildlife Effects

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EMS alert: Test today, Oct. 3, of U.S. wireless alert network — 2:18 EDT

There will be a national test today, October 3, starting at 2:18 PM (EDT) of the U.S. Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system. The test will last for 30 minutes.

It is unknown what the increase in ambient microwave will be from this test or what frequency will be used in the WEA broadcast.

Contact for the IPAWS office:


Phone: (202) 212-2040


IPAWS National Test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) and Emergency Alert System (EAS)

The National EAS and WEA test will be held on the backup date of October 3, 2018, beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT.

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Kentucky regulators reject two Smart Meter roll-outs; Attorney General supports denial

As posted here, two Kentucky utility companies tried for the second time in January to get their Smart Meter programs approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission,

Once again, the PSC has said, “No”. — Order

One key issue:

  • These companies told the Public Service Commission there would be a net financial benefit to customers by switching to this Smart Meters/AMS system.
  • However, their business case of benefit over cost was based on a 20-year or more service life for these meters.
  • The two companies told the PSC the service life of these Landis & Gyr meters is 20 years, and used a 2-word email from their vendor as their only evidence to justify their claim of a 20-year service life.

Here’s the email

  • The companies’ business case falls apart with less than a 20-year service life, and turns to a cost to customers: $18.1 million cost for an 18-year meter service life and $67.2 million cost for a 15-year meter service life.
  • Congressional testimony by an industry spokesman said Smart Meters’ service life is only 5 years, and companies continually report Smart Meters failing after a few years.

The Attorney General was an intervenor in this case, and recommended PSC denial based on several factors, including that benefits were overstated.

The Attorney General argues that the Companies failed to meet the burden of proof to justify approval of a CPCN. The Attorney General claims that the Companies failed to show a substantial inadequacy of service and failed to provide sufficient evidence that the AMS proposal will not result in wasteful duplication. Further, the Attorney General states that the cost-benefit analysis provided by the Companies supports the denial of the CPCNs because the analysis assumes that the AMS meters last longer than the case record supports, and the benefits are overestimated. The Attorney General recommends that the Companies’ request for approval of CPCNs should be denied.”

Here’s the story:

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Short video on electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS)

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is a commonly used term for Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS)

It’s time to EMF off!

A short video by Lewis Evans ( and explaining how electro-sensitivity, or EHS, is a biologically correct response to an environmental pollutant.

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Martin Pall PhD: Report on 5G, EMF effects, and the corruption of international science

From Martin Pall PhD
Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences
Washington State University

Please access my 90 page, seven chapter document on EMF effects, how they are produced in the body and the corruption of the international science:

Martin Pall

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Film ‘Take Back Your Power’ is now free to view (with subtitles)

Filmmaker Josh del Sol Beaulieu has now announced that his film ‘Take Back Your Power 2017’ is now free for the public to view. It can be seen on YouTube and on  Subtitles in Danish, French, Hebrew, Spanish, and English.

Thank you, Josh.

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