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Take Back Your Power — upcoming screenings

From Take Back Your Power UPCOMING SCREENINGS – 2014 EDITION: Hilighting our first Tugg theatrical screenings, as we get our feet wet with this new platform. Please share & repost — let’s help pack out these events! 07 Nov – Grass Valley, … Continue reading

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U.S. National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners gave presentation on Smart Meter problems in 2011. Why aren’t they telling Americans?

Utility commissioners in the United States belong to NARUC — the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. CPUC Chairman Michael Peevey sits on the board as well as commissioners in other states who have been Smart Meter cheerleaders. State utility commissions … Continue reading

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Ireland €1billion smart meter project in jeopardy; net loss of €54 – €140 million predicted

Notice in the article below — 1st paragraph: “savings, if any, would be minimal” 2nd paragraph: “results were ‘marginally negative’” Then, finally, the real data 3rd paragraph: “net loss of €54 million in the most likely scenario” 4th paragraph: “losses … Continue reading

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Take Back Your Power — upcoming screenings

29 Oct – Launceston, Tasmania – flyer 07 Nov – Grass Valley, CA – flyer 22 Nov – Seattle, WA – flyer see all screening details host a community screening host a theatrical event via Tugg request a TV broadcast

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Overpowered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and What You Can Do about It

Book by Martin Blank, PhD, Special Lecturer at Columbia University, Associate Professor at Columbia University 1968-2011 From Seven Stories Press: Keys, wallet, cell phone…ready to go! Cell phones have become ubiquitous fixtures of 21st century life–suctioned to our ears and … Continue reading

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Canada: Is accelerated corrosion, electron-stripping due to wireless radiation a co-factor in devastating Calgary fire?

Dr. Andrew Michrowski is president of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc., based in Ottawa, Canada Posted by Take Back Your Power Downtown Calgary fire: Is accelerated corrosion, electron-stripping from wireless tech to blame? 15 October 2014 by Dr. … Continue reading

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Angry Colorado residents demand answers from utility company

The “AMR” meters (“turtles”) mentioned in the story are actually power-line carrier Smart Meters (PLC). There is very little difference between PLC and wireless Smart Meters. Instead of the signal being sent wirelessly, it travels along the electrical lines at least … Continue reading

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CNN exposed high water bills from Smart Meters…in 2011

CNN: City’s Faulty Water Meters Make Monthly Water Bills Skyrocket Question: Why, three years later, are water Smart Meters still being installed and utilities still lying about the high bills?

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Wisconsin consumer advocates draft Smart Meter legislation

Consumer health advocates in Wisconsin have launched the campaign Protect Wisconsin! The goal: Help Wisconsin develop a safe technology policy As part of the campaign, they are asking public support for Smart Meter legislation that protects the public. Smart meters … Continue reading

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More CPUC uproar; staff attorneys criticize director over emails

California Attorney General ordered the CPUC so safeguard evidence for the investigation on “judge-shopping”. However, that message didn’t get to the attorneys that work for the CPUC. These attorneys have had disagreements and run-ins with executive staff in the past. For … Continue reading

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