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Updates: N. Ireland parent attempting to protect his children from Wi-Fi forcibly given psychotic drugs — #freeStephenClarke

Breaking News, December 18, 2014: Stephen Clarke has been released from Maghaberry prison WITHOUT CHARGE. No prison record. No psychiatric record. (And no car because it was clamped and he does not have the finances to get it released and … Continue reading

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Lakeland Electric to Replace 10,657 Residential Smart Meters in Florida

The Ledger News reported August 26 that Lakeland Electric in Florida will be replacing Smart Meters. These are also Sensus, and have the remote connect/disconnect switch. Smart Grid Awareness writes about the domino effect and the fire issue in its … Continue reading

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PG&E’s nuclear reactors should be shut down, says US Nuclear Regulatory Commission expert

Diablo Canyon NPP, near San Luis Obispo, California, should be shut down pending a safety review, says NRC senior federal nuclear expert Michael Peck in an internal report that was finally made public by Friends of the Earth August 25 . … Continue reading

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Florida power company threatens disabled World War II veteran with electricity shutoff

Below is the story of what Florida Power and Light is doing to Irving Friedman. You can protest this action by FPL and file a complaint with the Florida Public Service Commission at 800-342-3552 The docket number is #130223 You … Continue reading

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Massachusetts: Consumer advocates call for audit of National Grid Smart Meter Pilot Program

Editorial in the newspaper Leominster Champion, 8-22-14: WORCESTER –The Worcester Zoning Board of Appeals approval for National Grid to erect sound barriers on the north and south walls of the Cook’s Pond substation has intensified demands by consumer advocates for … Continue reading

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Union cries “Don’t blame us” while ignoring Smart Meter safety issues

Despite outreach and expert information from community advocates, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – IBEW – ignored all safety issues related to Smart Meters except for one local in Tennessee. This is in stark contrast to the Electrical Trades … Continue reading

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Petition to Massachusetts Attorney General for moratorium and investigation into Smart Meter pilot program

Please sign this petition on behalf of Worcester residents to Attorney General Martha Coakley. The Worcester National Grid Smart Meter Pilot program exposes the community to unprecedented risks in violation of local democracy. This citizen petition calls for an … Continue reading

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