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CPUC President Peevey: “There really are people who feel pain, etc. related to EMF”

A massive corruption scandal is unfolding in California at the Public Utilities Commission. As a result of a lawsuit by the City of San Bruno, PG&E was forced to release 65, 000 emails. Buried in those emails is a startling admission from … Continue reading

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Smart Meters—not so smart; “I’ve never been so sick in my life”

How Dangerous and Expensive Became “Smart” An Exposé of the “Smart Grid” Amy Worthington Published by the Weston A. Price Foundation, Electric “smart” meters were installed in Cindy deBac’s Scottsdale, Arizona, neighborhood in 2012. She recalls the day a new … Continue reading

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Digital electronic “Internet of Things”(IoT) and “Smart Grid technologies” to fully eviscerate privacy

By Prof. James Tracy Posted on Global Research, February 2, 2015 The “Internet of Things” (IoT) and Smart Grid technologies will together be aggressively integrated into the developed world’s socioeconomic fabric with little-if-any public or governmental oversight. This is the … Continue reading

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