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Canada: Smart Meter logs 130 kW hours during power outage

From CBC News Hydro One meter drives up electricity bill during power outage, customer says By Jeff Walters November 23, 2016 A snowstorm near Thunder Bay, Ont. knocked out power to thousands of Hydro One customers over the past weekend, but the … Continue reading

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More ComEd Smart Meter fires? Electric meters cause $20,000 November fire and $150,000 January fire in Illinois

Three articles below on ComEd electric meter fires in Schaumberg, Illinois. This latest one caused $20,000. in damage, and the previous one caused $150,000. in damage and displaced 18 families.  Were these Smart Meters? It seems so. The city website says … Continue reading

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Tucson, Arizona: Huge water bill for new house with no running water — “The meters are wrong.”

Spokesperson Fernando Molina says that while meter malfunctions are possible. [t]here’s been less than 5 documented cases in the last 20 years. “There is always that chance that the meter is over-registering but it is extremely rare…” See the comments … Continue reading

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TWACS Smart Meter problems for health and safety

Excellent informative article on this type of Smart Meter. From EI Wellspring The TWACS smart meters communicate with the utility by adding low frequency signals to the electrical lines. Some utilities promote such power line carrier (PLC) systems as a positive … Continue reading

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Power line carrier (PLC) Smart Meters and their frequencies

From EI Wellspring Power line communication (PLC) transmits by injecting signals onto household wiring and the electrical power lines.  PLC is used for computer networks, wired smart meters and other purposes.  There are many types of PLC systems, operating at … Continue reading

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