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Mass response to price signals via Smart Meters can cause mass blackouts

From PV Magazine Smart meters can jeopardize grid reliability By:  Mirco Sieg/Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger July 27, 2015 Electricity consumers who respond to fluctuating price signals by means of smart meters can in turn cause mass blackouts. The researchers at the University of Bremen … Continue reading

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Are insurance companies avoiding the Smart Meter problem?

From By Norman Lambe, LA Home and Business Insurance Examiner July 26, 2015 A dangerous precedent is being followed in the insurance industry concerning the investigation of smart meter fires. When a fire associated with the malfunctioning of a … Continue reading

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Michigan: Governor appoints utility lobbyist to state utility regulation agency

Black is white. Up is down. “Public service” is now defined as serving the corporate sector while in a government position, and taxpayers (the public) pays the salary. How many Smart Meter and energy complaints made it through Chief of … Continue reading

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Letter to BC Energy Minister on Smart Meter fire hazard evidence

From the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in British Columbia “We want this program ended, and we want our money back.” — Press Release, June 25, 2015 Subject: Smart meter safety risk VIA REGISTERED MAIL June 25, 2015 Hon. Bill … Continue reading

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Smart Meters are a known fire hazard — new evidence revealed by electrical workers union

In a proceeding before the National Labor Relations Board, evidence was submitted that Smart Meter fires, burned Smart Meters, burned meter sockets, and malfunctioning Smart Meters are regularly occurring and are known to Oncor and CenterPoint, two Texas utility companies. The … Continue reading

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1000s of Smart Meter fires; new whistleblower and court evidence (VIDEO)

From Take Back Your Power The situation with smart meter fires is worse than we thought — and now we know why. This new investigative video tells all. In studying, doing presentations and making videos on ‘smart’ meters for nearly … Continue reading

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Mother Earth News: Smart Meters are not smart

From Mother Earth News Wise Grid Series, Part 1 By Camilla Rees, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy May 27, 2015 When we look at important issues facing our nation today, we inevitably find commercial interests influencing policy. … Continue reading

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