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Peer review in the raw: N.P. Singh, the comet assay and “Radiation Research”

From Microwave News April 27, 2017 This story was 20 years in the making. If you want to know what it has been like to do research on the potential health effects of cell phone radiation, please read this story. … Continue reading

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Contributions needed to continue this work

To date, readers of this website have not contributed to pay for its work. Fortunately, colleagues have stepped up to help when the situation became dire. I hope you will change that. Please make a one-time or ongoing contribution so … Continue reading

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Taxpayer-funded federal agency shows utility companies and regulators how to game the system and charge the public to “restore profitiability” and “mitigate financial impacts” from conservation, efficiency, and solar

From Electricity Markets and Policy Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory PDF New LBNL report finds earnings impacts to utility shareholders can be mitigated through many existing ratemaking and regulatory approaches but with important implications for customer rates and bills Dear … Continue reading

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Kentucky bill would allow customers to “opt out” of smart meters Senate Bill 121 AN ACT relating to metering of electric service. Create new sections of KRS Chapters 96 and 278 to define “smart meter” and to require utilities seeking to install smart meters to give notice to affected customers … Continue reading

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Kentucky Attorney General finds “little support” that Smart Meters will benefit customers “in any way”; eliminates Smart Meter plan

“After careful review of the filings in this case, we find little support that smart meter deployment will benefit the ratepayers in any way.” Andy Beshear, Kentucky Attorney General [1] From April 19, 2017 By John Cheves Attorney General … Continue reading

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Arizona: Epic failure! Electric co-op replacing all 40,000 Elster Smart Meters after 3 years, and APS replacing 20,000 Elster Smart Meters per year — due to communication failures

And Navopache is telling customers it is an upgrade — see webpage link below. Information and Perspective by Warren Woodward Sedona, Arizona April 20, 2014 Yesterday I received news that Navopache Electric Cooperative, a utility that serves customers in the … Continue reading

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In 1976 classified memo, U.S. govt said 1-15 microW/cm2 a potential health hazard and unacceptable: FCC exposure limits are 1000 microW/cm2

Wikileaks released a 1976 memo (below) to the U.S. Secretary of State regarding microwave radiation levels measured inside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. It is titled: MOSCOW SIGNAL – APPROACH TO GROMYKO. It was classified “SECRET” until 2006. It was written … Continue reading

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