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Utilities’ profit recipe: spend more / Wall Street Journal

So long as electricity consumption is growing, utilities can spread hefty costs across their customers without increasing rates. But since 2008, power sales haven’t been growing fast enough to absorb the impact of all the added spending. To expand regulator-imposed … Continue reading

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Smart cities the world over ripe for hacking, expert says

“The current attack surface for cities is huge and wide open to attack” “This is a real and immediate danger.” Canberra Times “It’s a matter of time until someone launches an attack over some city infrastructure or system.” Motherboard This … Continue reading

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Project Censored Radio interview with Smart Meter experts

Project Censored Radio, April 17, 2015: Join hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips as they discuss Smart Meters, Mass Surveillance, and Public Health Concerns. They’ll look at some of the controversies surrounding Smart Meters, including those revealed in emails … Continue reading

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40 NGOs lodge complaint over pro-industry bias in European Commission assessment of EMF

From Strålskyddsstiftelsen / Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation March 15, 2015   Over 40 NGOs lodge a complaint to the European Ombudsman The recent assessment of Electromagnetic Field health risks by a European Commission expert group1 is largely biased towards a pro-industrial … Continue reading

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German govt. expert warns Smart Meters are access points to electricity grid, hacking the grid from private homes possible

“Introducing smart meters means you install access points to the electricity grid in private homes,” said Reinhard Gruenwald, an energy expert at the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag, a scientific institution advising German lawmakers. “You can’t physically … Continue reading

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