About Smart Meters

Smart Meters, the new utility meters being installed by many electric, natural gas, and water utility companies, are causing problems nationally and internationally.

Smart Meters are causing skyrocketing bills, fires, and interference with electronics (including ground fault circuit interrupters that protect against electric shock and fire) and medical devices.

These new meters are a health hazard to humans and the environment, causing severe health problems.

Smart Meters can remotely disconnect utility service. They can also be hacked. That means electricity can be shut down remotely by anyone.

These networked meters pose cybersecurity risks to the electrical grid.

 “Every endpoint [meter] is a new potential threat vector,” according to Doug Powell, manager, SMI Security, Privacy & Safety, for Canadian utility BC Hydro.
http://www.marketwatch.com/story/hacking-expert-david-chalk-joins-urgent-call-to-halt-smar t-grid-2012-04-12

Smart Meters monitor our energy and water usage 24 hours a day. They reveal when we are home and when we are not, as well as detailed information about our lives. The Home Area Network (HAN) of Smart appliances, devices, and sensors will give even more information about individuals, families, and businesses. All this information is transmitted to the utility company  and whoever has access to the data stream. Our privacy is gone.

This deeply flawed, dangerous, and costly program must be halted immediately. Most elected officials are not taking action. The public must become informed and take action. The costs of doing nothing are simply too great.

2 Responses to About Smart Meters

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  2. Sara L Youssef says:

    When did it become legal for utility companies to abuse, coerce, and harm the health of customers. Utility companies are a monopoly and there is no choice to go with another utility company. Utility companies NEVER had to prove thwir smart meters were safe and have not, nor are they saving money. Its an assault on the public.

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