2018 Camp Fire revelations: ABC 10 wins lawsuit, obtains and releases detailed grand jury records on PG&E criminal conduct (VIDEO)

From ABC10 Sacramento in their ongoing investigative series on PG&E, the CPUC, Governor Newsom and California officials — Fire – Power – Money

September 28, 2022

Secrets of the Camp Fire: Revealed | Fire – Power – Money

After fighting for the public’s right to know, ABC10 is releasing thousands of pages of grand jury records, detailing PG&E’s crimes in the 2018 Camp Fire.

Author: Brandon Rittiman

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Criminal homicide cases can bring out extraordinary but necessary pain as details of deadly crimes are laid bare in court for victims and the public to hear.

In the case of America’s deadliest homicide committed by a corporation, the victims’ families have had to deal with the opposite.

“The guilty party should never be able to hide their crimes,” said Steve Bradley, whose 96-year-old grandmother Colleen Riggs was one of PG&E’s 84 manslaughter victims.

At the same time it pleaded guilty in 2020 to killing 84 people in the 2018 Camp Fire, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company paid for a lawsuit sealing the most detailed record of its crimes: the transcript of a secret yearlong grand jury investigation into PG&E’s culpability.

After arguing to the court for transparency of these records, ABC10 has finally obtained them.

We’re making all 5,300 pages available to survivors and the public with this story.

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