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Short video on electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS)

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is a commonly used term for Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) 4:07 It’s time to EMF off! A short video by Lewis Evans (https://lewisevans.net and https://cogenicamedia.com) explaining how electro-sensitivity, or EHS, is a biologically correct response to an environmental pollutant. … Continue reading

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EUROPAEM EMF: Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses

35-page report from the European Academy for Environmental Medicine — EMF Working Group, published online 7-25-16 Free download: http://www.degruyter.com/downloadpdf/j/reveh.ahead-of-print/reveh-2016-0011/reveh-2016-0011.xml From the abstract: This EMF Guideline gives an overview of the current knowledge regarding EMF-related health risks and provides recommendations for … Continue reading

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Michael Bevington: Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

2013 edition From ElectroSensitivity UK   “This new edition of the ElectroSenstivity UK Primer is double the size of the original published in 2010, now with over 1800 research references. It includes scientific updates, quantum biology, earthing, and sensitivity in … Continue reading

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Electro-hypersensitivity biomarkers

From EMF Analysis It has been known since 2002 that our bodies react to non-thermal EMF exposure without our conscious awareness. This makes the flawed subjective psychological tests (Can you feel the cell phone now? How about now?) much less … Continue reading

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