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Arizona: Bribery and fraud indictment of former utility commission chair, larger investigation by feds

From Arizona Republic: Roberts: Is a bombshell about to be dropped on Arizona’s power elite? by Laurie Roberts July 5, 2017 We now have public acknowledgement that the FBI is continuing its investigation, presumably into possible funny business involving the … Continue reading

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Breaking: Lawsuit forces French government to release data on cell phones; 9 out of 10 exceed regulatory limits

From Environmental Health Trust: Click here to read Spanish translation. (Washington, DC) Under court order, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) of France has just disclosed that most cell phones exceed government radiation limits when tested the way they are used, … Continue reading

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IoT technical concerns, including not enough electrical energy

He also warned that, “If we get to 20 billion things and don’t do the gateways, we will not have enough power generated in the United States to do the internet of things,” because of the immense amount of remote data processing that would … Continue reading

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AARP: Illinois telecom bill means end of affordable, reliable landline telephones

From AARP Illinois, PR Newswire PDF  May 31, 2017 PDF May 25, 2017  — on previous bill May 31, 2017 Passage of SB1839 opens door to safety and security concerns for 1.2 million landline customers Statement by AARP Illinois Director of … Continue reading

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Illinois surprise: AT&T and legislators eliminate landline phone service. Will Gov. Rauner sign or veto?

On May 31, Amendment 5 eliminating landlines in Illinois was introduced and added to a coal mining safety bill — SB 1839—  then voted on and passed — the same day — by both houses of the Illinois legislature. For … Continue reading

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EKG proof that “Smart” Meters affect the human heart — Part 2

Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward Sedona, Arizona ~ May 31, 2017 Some people weren’t satisfied that my last video was proof enough that “smart” meters affect the human heart. They want to see me get tortured repeatedly, and they … Continue reading

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Illinois: Industry files amicus brief against citizen group in Smart Meter lawsuit, says invasion of privacy is minimal or non-existent

B. The Pervasiveness of Smart Meters Undermines Any Asserted Expectation of Privacy from Their Use as a Means to Gather Electricity Usage Information. V. ASSERTIONS BY THE APPELLANT AND ITS AMICI THAT SMART-METER DATA REVEALS PRIVATE ACTIVITY WITHIN THE HOME … Continue reading

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