Los Angeles Water and Power provides free opt-out

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has agreed to provide a no-cost Smart Meter opt-out for customers, the first utility company in California to do so.

Excerpt from the LADWP letter to a customer:

“Customers in the Smart Grid LA program may opt out of the program at any time, including after the smart meter has been installed. If a customer opts outs after a smart meter is installed, the smart meter will be replaced with the same type of analog meter that the customer had prior. There are no customer fees to opt out and have a smart meter uninstalled.

Rates will not be affected for customers who have smart meters installed. Similarly, rates will not be affected for any customer who requests to have a smart meter uninstalled and replaced with an analog meter.”

LADWP customers who wish to opt out of this program may now call Sungly Chiu 213-367-2797  Manager IT at LADWP for a FREE opt out with no rate increase.

More information about this story is at www.stopsmartgrid.org .

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