IEEE worried about Smart Meter fires

Two years ago, the professional organization Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) recognized the issue of Smart Meter fires. They wrote in their blog:

Smart Meter Fires

 We are seeing a spate of report from around the United States—and indeed around the world—of fires believed to have been caused by smart meters that were faulty, incorrectly installed, or connected to circuits where there were unfortunate and unforeseen effects. This appears to be not just a matter of freak incidents that may or may not have taken place here or there. In a compilation made by the EMF Safety Network, which specializes in EMF and RF precaution, there are at least a couple of dozen smart meter fire reports from Australia to Canada and virtually all regions of the United States, and some of those reports concern a couple of dozen fire incidents. In some cases fires appear to have originated in the meters themselves, in other cases in appliances like microwave ovens or refrigerators (as in the photo above), because of power surges.

To be sure, those reports are not necessarily going undisputed by local utilities and energy companies. In one instance, for example, California’s PG&E and fire officials have taken issue with an initial report of meter induced fires in Santa Rosa; a short circuit in the distribution system blew out a number of meters, both conventional and two-way, the local fire chief said [editor’s note – the official incident report states that it was caused by Smart Meters]. On the other hand, just last week Commonwealth Edison of Illinois confirmed three smart meter fires in its operating area, and earlier last month its sibling company Peco Energy suspended smart meter installations in the Mid-Atlantic states after 15 reports of smart meter fires, one in Philadelphia.

…Obviously all companies with smart meter programs, and all their suppliers and sub-contractors, are going to have to take a close look at the issue of fire hazards. This is just the beginning of a difficult story. Companies installing smart meters already have run into a lot of consumer push-back because of concerns about privacy, security, and–sometimes–higher rather lower electricity costs. The last thing the smart grid needs is meters causing fires.

Well, Smart Meters are continuing to cause fires and damage, but nothing is being done.

Why aren’t fire marshals in all our countries raising a real fire alarm about these meters?

Why aren’t consumer protection agencies and organizations taking action?

How many people will have their homes or businesses damaged or destroyed before something happens?

How many people will die from these fires?

And when will the complicity and cover-up end?

Smart Meters are failing miserably. For years, utilities and elected officials have been repeatedly warned by experts and the public, but these warnings are ignored by utilities and most of our officials.

This is a shocking violation of the public trust and an irrational course of action by all of them.

The public must take action to stop this program.




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