PECO lies about fire problems and fast-tracks Smart Meter installations in Pennsylvania

PECO says they’ve had no more problems with Smart Meter fires since they switched over to Landis & Gyr Smart Meters, according to a Canadian newspaper account

That’s simply not true.

Two fires were reported by the news media since PECO converted over. The first one happened February 27, 2013 in Tredyffrin Township.

Lowden said she was preparing dinner at about 6 p.m. on Feb. 27 when the lights flickered, the appliances buzzed and the meter mounted outside burst into flames. “I just grabbed my kids with no shoes on and got them out of the house,” she said.

Assistant Fire Chief Eamon Brazunas said there was sparking and arcing around the Smart Meter and “encouraged homeowners to have an electrician inspect the interior once a Smart-Meter is installed on the exterior.”

The latest one happened on February 6, 2014 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, caused by a Smart Meter that exploded and caught fire.

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If PECO lies about this, what else are they hiding from the public?

PECO completed their replacement of Sensus Smart Meters by October 2012. These are Landis & Gyr Smart Meters.

Have there been other L & G Smart Meter fires since the change-over?

How many PECO customers have experienced burned outlets or wiring, overheating Smart Meters, malfunctioning appliances and electronics, tripped ground fault circuit interrupters that they haven’t reported to the news media or they wouldn’t directly attribute to the meters?

Last year, Pennsylvania PUC Chairman Robert Powelson said at a PA/NJ Sustainability Symposium that fears about smart meters are unfounded.

Really? That’s not what the data shows.

That’s not why utility officials and elected officials in Portland, Oregon and the province of Saskatchewan are removing Smart Meters.

Chairman Powelson said he had a Smart Meter installed on his home and “it hasn’t caught fire.” Is that supposed to be reassuring?

Late last year, PECO announced they were accelerating Smart Meter installations.

Are they doing it to stay ahead of the public opposition?

P.S. The Bensalem fire is an illustration of why an opt-out doesn’t work. Your neighbor’s Smart Meter could destroy your home or business and harm your family.


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