Florida voters face challenge of energy industry influence

Florida voters are preparing to cast their ballots in the primary election Aug. 26, and they only have two weeks to grill candidates and incumbents on their positions on important issues and to expose campaign contributions and voting history.

In 2010, former PSC chair Nancy Argenziano took the gloves off in this letter to then-Gov. Crist, and delivered this scathing speech when she resigned her post as Chair.

This information is worth remembering.

Political corruption is widespread, and industry influence is well known, including within the PSCs and PUCs in most states. Florida is not alone. Each state’s residents must tackle their unique situations and speak out until these situations change for the better.

The mainstream news often gives little or no coverage to 3rd party candidates or unfavored GOP or Democrat candidates. For those wanting real change, dig beneath the surface and find out who these other candidates are. You may find some very exciting candidates in the wings that party bosses do not want winning the general election.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to change party registration for this election, but consider it for the future. Who walks the talk? That’s the important issue far more than “I’ve always voted this way”. Electing people of integrity takes work, and it is up to each of us to make that happen.

The situation in Florida, including the report issued by Integrity Florida, was earlier reported here: https://smartmeterharm.org/2014/07/27/do-energy-companies-own-florida-legislators-and-the-public-service-commission/


Nancy Argenziano resigns from PSC to oppose Scott and ‘corrupt’ legislature

Letter of resignation to Gov. Crist, Oct. 12, 2010

http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2010/10/nancy-argenziano-resigns-from-psc-to- oppose-scott-and-corrupt-legislature.html
Resignation speech, October 2010

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