Florida power company threatens disabled World War II veteran with electricity shutoff

Below is the story of what Florida Power and Light is doing to Irving Friedman.

You can protest this action by FPL and file a complaint with the Florida Public Service Commission at


The docket number is


You can also file a civil rights complaint against the Florida Public Service Commission and Florida Power & Light Company with the Florida State Attorney General here:


Be sure to check the spots for “over 60” and “veteran.”
Include this in the body of the message:

Florida Public Service Commission Docket #130223


you can call the Attorney General at 850-414-3300 (this is a toll call, not toll-free) and ask to file a civil rights complaint.


Irving Friedman is a nearly 89-year-old disabled WWII veteran(service-connected disability). He has three joint replacements – right and left hips and right shoulder. He is a past stroke survivor. He just recently came home from two months in the hospital/rehab after a heart attack, cardiac catheterization, 4-vessel coronary artery by-pass surgery, and having a pacemaker implanted. His wife is both a cancer and a stroke survivor. Obviously, a Smart Meter would be really bad for them. Mr. Friedman requested and was granted an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA, Title III, Sec. 36.302(a)] of keeping his analog meter on May 18, 2011. Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) *NEVER* denied having granted an accommodation until three years later, now, when it benefits them. Now their story is: “We never granted any accommodation to anyone.”

Mr. Friedman has been a customer for 33 years and has paid for every single kilowatt of electricity he has ever used. He has only refused to pay the illegal fees for accommodation as stated in the ADA [Title III, Sec. 36.301(c)]. The Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) told FPL it was okay to violate the civil rights of the disabled and charge the “opt-out” fees, and that if they’re not paid, to cut off a person’s power. In so doing, they themselves have violated the ADA [Title II, Sec. 35.130 and Sec. 35.134].

FPL claims that “cost-causers” must pay for “non-standard” service. However, they provide *FREE* “non-standard” service to Hispanic people in the form of a duplicate Spanish language FPL Web site, Spanish-speaking customer service people, and all letters, flyers, brochures, etc. in Spanish, even though it is not a disability under federal law to not speak English, and the Florida Constitution states that English is the official language (unlike Canada where everything *HAS* to be bilingual under law). They also provide “non-standard” service *FREE OF CHARGE* in the form of TDDY to deaf customers (an accommodation under the ADA), yet they discriminate against all other disabled customers who *CANNOT* be exposed to RF radiation emitted by Smart Meters because it poisons them, severely exacerbates their pre-existing disability, or interferes with implanted medical devices.

That is *BLATANT* and *ILLEGAL* discrimination!

FPL has now sent threatening letters (another violation of the ADA Title III, Sec. 36.206) to Mr. Friedman, telling him that if he doesn’t pay the “opt-out” fees by September 3rd, they will turn off his power. Both Mr. Friedman and his wife use CPAP for sleep apnea when they sleep. The machines require electricity. Without power to run the machines, they could suffer grave medical consequences or die.

So, the FPSC and FPL have no compunction against threatening, coercing and intimidating the disabled or killing someone. This is how they treat elderly, disabled people. Shame on them!

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