Veterans and electromagnetic sensitivity

Note: Electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) is the U.S. government recognized term for what is often commonly referred to as electrohypersensitivity (EHS)

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February 25, 2013

Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are returning home to discover that they have become Electro-HyperSensitive. When they went to war they had perhaps little or no idea that EHS would be a growing problem for those they were leaving behind. The stranglehold the powers that be have on the media and thus popular consciousness effectively stifles awareness of this growing issue and subjects those voicing safety concerns to derision.

When they left to go to war, our brave soldiers may not have had cordless phones, wireless Internet, mobile phones, microwave alarm systems and a plethora of other wireless gadgets. Never before have the like of which taken up residence in not only their homes but homes, offices and places of work, education, entertainment, recreation and transportation right across the developed world.

Soldier’s lifetime exposure to ElectroMagnetic Radiation – EMR might be ‘average’ before routine circumstances in the military dictate greater intimacy with communications and power equipment. But it is with the counter-measures to IEDs – Improvised Explosive Devices that we are primarily concerned here.

Hidden roadside bombs can be triggered by ringing a pager or a mobile phone that has been wired to a detonator. One way to overcome this lethal threat is to surround military vehicles with a cloud of electromagnetic radiation (microwaves). These effectively drown-out mobile signals in the immediate vicinity though such protection comes at a price. Electronic counter-measures are likely to expose the vehicle occupants to repeated, and by everyday standards, significantly raised levels of electromagnetic radiation – a known promoter of EHS.

Some people are made so sick by their life as a soldier that they become unfit for duty and have to be sent home. What proportion have become EHS we do not know. Doubtless a ‘matter of national security’. Nevertheless, they, like the rest us who have been made EHS by today’s permitted EMR levels, have to find ways of regaining our lives in the 21st Century. They, like us, need to find ways they can endure and provide for themselves, amongst what may be the wreckage of their lives.

Modern technology does some truly amazing things and is a testament to the incredible ingenuity of the human race. However, I lament the way in which the suffering of returning veterans and ordinary people who have become EHS is readily dismissed.

Are a shrug and ‘collateral damage’ adequate responses to reassure people who may soon be heading for a similar fate? Perhaps only when many more always-on wireless lives start to unravel will the average person respond with somewhat more understanding.

Will you ever be ready to wake up to the consequences of your permanently micro-waved reality, especially now there is vitually no escape?

Information on EHS:

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