Wisconsin consumer advocates draft Smart Meter legislation

Consumer health advocates in Wisconsin have launched the campaign Protect Wisconsin!http://www.electricalpollution.com/ProtectWI.html

The goal: Help Wisconsin develop a safe technology policy

As part of the campaign, they are asking public support for Smart Meter legislation that protects the public.

Smart meters are neither green, smart, or safe. There are far better ways to save energy than moving from passive mechanical analog meters to energy consumptive and dangerous meters.

Below is a portion of the bill. It also contains footnotes with links and references.

SECTION 1. Title of Bill:

The Wisconsin Utility Consumers Health, Safety and Privacy Protection Act

An act to amend the public service law, in relation to protecting the health, safety and privacy rights ofall residents and utility consumers in the State of Wisconsin.


  1. Provide all utility consumers the right to retain their mechanical analog utility meters at no cost.
  2. Require utility providers to replace installed electronic and/or transmitting smart utility meter(s) with mechanical analog utility meter(s), at utility consumer’s request, within one week. Each utility provider will adhere to a “no questions asked,” no fee, and no time limits imposed procedure.
  3. Place an immediate moratorium on all transmitting smart utility meter installation pending:
    1. The results of a Wisconsin Department of Health Services investigation of the health effects being reported after transmitting smart utility meter installation and the implications for public health and safety. Health and safety implications of installation of transmitting smart utility meters adjacent to each other must be included. Assistance with this investigation shall be requested from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), including investigating nationwide reports of adverse health effects after the installation of transmitting smart utility meters.
      1. Require utility providers and Wisconsin Public Service Commission to keep and make readily available complete records of all transmitting smart utility meter related health complaints to aid in the Wisconsin Department of Health Services investigation.
    2. Investigation of the security risks of transmitting smart utility meters, their ramifications for utility system integrity, and feasibility of protecting utility system security and integrity with a transmitting smart utility meter system in place.
    3. Development of rules regarding the use of ratepayer data collected via transmitting smart utility meters.
    4. Investigation of the health and safety implications of the undisclosed conducted microwave frequencies on building wiring originating in the transmitting smart utility meter and the undisclosed conducted high frequency voltage transients, also named “dirty electricity,” caused by transmitting smart utility meter’s electronic components. 1,2
    5. A cost-benefit analysis of allowing installation of transmitting smart utility meters incorporating ll the above factors and the cost of continuously replacing transmitting smart utility meters to keep pace with technological advances, e.g. replacing all the one-way transmitting smart utility meters presently installed in Wisconsin with advanced two-way transmitting smart utility meters.

For the complete bill: http://www.electricalpollution.com/documents/WISmartMeterLegis2014.pdf


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