Canada: BC coalition calls for Energy Minister’s resignation over Itron Smart Meter failures, demands investigation

Nov 1, 2014
Posted by Citizens for Safe Technology:
Press Release from the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, October 28, 2014, excerpts

” It’s time for a full independent investigation into BC Hydro’s smart meter program.

“There have been far more failures and fires associated with the Itron smart meter in BC than there have been in Saskatchewan, as found in official documents obtained through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. Yet BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett and the head of BC Hydro’s smart meter program, Greg Reimer, continue to deny any have occurred. Mr. Bennett has tried to mislead the public by saying that the brand of smart meters used in BC are not the same as used in Saskatchewan. While this is true, the fact remains that fires and meter failures have occurred in BC.” Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters believes this is not just a coincidence.

“It appears as if the government did not want any oversight at all from any agency that has the duty and responsibility to protect the public’s welfare. This lack of concern for the safety of the public is alarming.”

“A Fire Report was sent to the government in August by the Coalition, with examples taken from FOI documents of “failures” as well as fires that were not tracked officially. Noble believes it is ludicrous for the government to deny that fires and failures have occurred when Hydro itself has reports to the contrary.

“The Coalition believes that the lives and property of British Columbians are just as important as those of people living in Saskatchewan. It is time for the government to do the right thing and end this dangerous program until and unless it can be proven to be safe.”

Please send [this press release] to your local newspapers, radio stations, etc. People need to be demanding an independent investigation of the ITRON meter failures in BC. The government and Hydro, are denying the failures have occurred, despite their own records to the contrary. This is profound negligence. No politician is willing to stand up and draw attention to this, no government agency has any authority for oversight. It’s up to us to raise this to the level that the NDP in Saskatchewan did – and demand a full investigation.

SaskPower’s CEO resigns over dangerous smart meter program; should BC’s Bennett be next?

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