Alert: Disaster with Ukraine’s nuclear reactors probable with shrinking coal supply


(Source: Energoatom)

(Source: Energoatom)

This is a catastrophic situation. Please read my comments following about why the lack of coal is such a serious problem.

From Fort Russ, 12-7-14

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine held an urgent meeting with the new Minister Vladimir Demchishin, in a frantic attempt to find a way out of a catastrophic situation with a shortage of coal at Ukrainian thermal power plants, reported “Ukrainian Pravda” on December 5, with reference to sources in the Ministry.

It is noted that at the talks were present the head of DTEK (energy company of Rinat Akhmetov) Maxim Timchenko and Sergei Kuzara, a former adviser to Eduard Stavytsky, Minister of Energy in  Azarov [Yanukovich] government.

The publication referred to the information from the Director of one of the thermal power plants of Ukraine: “I knew that everything is bad with coal, but did not suspect to what extent — I am not trying to scare you, but if in the near future we will not run the gas/fuel blocks, then we will freeze, and Kiev will be first in line. There is no coal at the plants, because of the stupidity of the country’s leadership, we will not have enough time to get it in a week”.

The following data was provided: at TPP warehouses of the state company “Centrenergo” since July the amount of coal decreased to a minimum: July – 969 thousand tons; August – 691 thousand tons; September – 205 thousand tons; October – 98 thousand tons; November – 58 thousand tons, and now, in December – there is not even that.” It was emphasized that the speech of the Director of TPP was “very emotional and with unprintable language towards the leadership of the country”.

As reported by IA REGNUM, the state company “Ukrenergo” announced on December 3 “a particularly dire state with the provision of coal at Zmievskaya, Uglegorsk, Lugansk, Dnieper and Kryvoy Rog TPP’s, where the fuel reserves will last only 4 days (as of December 3). Ukrainian authorities do not want to buy coal from Donetsk and Lugansk Republics,  a contract with South Africa is practically annulled, and deliveries from Russia are “irregular”.

Translated by Kristina Rus

Editor’s commentary:

This is a catastrophe.

First of all, the people of Ukraine will freeze, literally freeze, this winter. There are areas where the Kiev regime’s forces, with NATO support, have targeted and destroyed the infrastructure. That already means no electricity and no water. But with no coal, they will die. American taxpayers are paying for weapons and support to destroy more homes and kill more Ukrainians.

But it’s even worse and international in impact. Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, and nuclear reactors in general, are dependent on grid power to keep reactor cores and fuel rods cool. For Ukraine, with 40% of the power coming from thermal plants, and the rest from nuclear, that means they are absolutely dependent on the coal-burning (thermal) power plants . Those reactors will either be forced to shut down now, eliminating that source of electricity. Or if Kiev is utterly sociopathic, which they have amply proven, the reactors will be kept running until the inevitable power outages lead to explosions and meltdowns just like Fukushima.

There are 15 nuclear reactors in Ukraine.

There were three reactors that melted down and three explosions at Fukushima. If the 15 reactors failed, that would be five times Fukushima.

Everyone who follows the research and reports from Fukushima [see ENE News — —  for the most up-to-date information] knows what a cataclysmic and ongoing disaster that is, with no end in sight.

How disastrous would a Ukrainian nuclear holocaust be? The end of Earth now, immediately? Possibly.

Americans think this radiation won’t reach them. It has, and it will.

The United States was blanketed with radiation when the Fukushima reactors initially exploded. There are daily radioactive releases into the air. Radiation from Fukushima circles the Earth every 13 days, drifting down on us, more so when it rains or snows. No one is left out. The Northern Hemisphere is particularly impacted. 400 tons of contaminated water flow into the Pacific Ocean every day (at least), and the Atlantic Ocean is at risk from flows through the Bering Straits..

This Ukrainian crisis is the responsibility of the United States and NATO and the Kiev coup regime. They created this nightmare. The news media has covered up the truth, just as it has about Fukushima.

See this earlier article:

Get this information about coal and the power plants to your local and national officials. Send this to everyone who cares about a future. The situation in Ukraine is the most urgent issue before all of us. The people of Ukraine need our help desperately and the survival of the entire world is at stake.

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