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Michigan: Sen. Patrick Colbeck talks about security problems and other threats with Smart Meters

8 minute testimony by Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck on the vulnerabilities of smart meters. He has a highly technical background in aerospace and states what many of us have said for years regarding their threats to individuals and the grid. … Continue reading

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How to hack the power grid through home air conditioners

The hack targets remote shut-off devices that utility companies install on air conditioners to conserve energy during peak summer periods. Many power companies offer discounts to customers if they agree to install the devices, which let the utility company remotely … Continue reading

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Mother Earth News: Smart Meters are not smart

From Mother Earth News Wise Grid Series, Part 1 By Camilla Rees, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy May 27, 2015 When we look at important issues facing our nation today, we inevitably find commercial interests influencing policy. … Continue reading

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March 17, U.S. Senate hearing on electric grid innovations

There is no representation of the public at this hearing. and therefore, the committee will not receive information about the myriad problems and costs of Smart Meters and the Smart Grid. NARUC will be on the panel (see previous posts on … Continue reading

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Digital electronic “Internet of Things”(IoT) and “Smart Grid technologies” to fully eviscerate privacy

By Prof. James Tracy Posted on Global Research, February 2, 2015 The “Internet of Things” (IoT) and Smart Grid technologies will together be aggressively integrated into the developed world’s socioeconomic fabric with little-if-any public or governmental oversight. This is the … Continue reading

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U.S. commissioners vote tomorrow on industry-friendly resolutions on Smart Grid, nuclear energy, power plant emissions — update

Update 12-20-14: The resolutions were adopted. Here is the link to the final resolutions — http://www.naruc.org/Resolutions/14%201119%20NARUC%20Board%20Substantive%20Resolutions%20Packet.pdf ————————————————————————— November 18, 2014 – These resolutions, if adopted, become the official position of United States utility regulatory commissions. Click to access 14%201117-NARUC-Board-Substantive-Resolutions-Packet.pdf Write … Continue reading

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Former CIA Director warned about the Smart Grid (VIDEO)

In this August 15, 2011, interview, former CIA Director James Woolsey warned about hacking risks and the inadequacy of electrical grid security. “What they’re doing now, they’re constructing what they call a ‘Smart Grid.’ And they’re going to make it … Continue reading

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Illinois and Massachusetts require Smart Meters. Isn’t that illegal?

The federal 2005 Energy Act is very clear – Smart Meters are to be offered to customers and only installed if they request them. SEC. 1252. SMART METERING. (a) IN GENERAL.—Section 111(d) of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of … Continue reading

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California government report on SCE Smart Meter program: Rising costs eliminate consumer savings

In 2007, Southern California Edison (SCE) projected a net cost benefit from their Smart Meter program  to consumers of only $9 million over the lifetime of the project. By 2012, that “very slim margin” had disappeared under increasing costs. The Division … Continue reading

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Jan. 28, San Francisco: “The High Road to a True Smart Grid”

An interdisciplinary expert panel will present a program at the Commonwealth Club of California Tuesday, January 28, 2014, from 12:00 – 3:00 p.m., called “The High Road to a True Smart Grid”. The program will cut through misunderstandings about the value … Continue reading

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