Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes 50 CPUC reforms approved by the California legislature

“Californians pay for the broken culture of the CPUC every day – from higher utility bills to the devastation of safety failures,” said Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood, who authored three of the bills. “My proposals, along with those of my Senate colleagues, represent a step toward restoring public confidence in the commission.”

Over 50 reforms were authorized in six bills. Reforms included creating an inspector general in the state auditor’s office that would oversee the Commission.

One bill also would have banned so-called ex parte or private communications between regulators and utility executives in rate-setting cases, which are supposed to be public proceedings.

..the legislation would have allowed groups and individuals to sue the commission for failing to provide records requested under the California Public Records Act.

The commission has been sharply criticized for its response to records requests and subpoenas, spending more than $5 million of ratepayer funds on criminal defense lawyers who have reviewed documents and found grounds to withhold them.

 Brown called the reforms, “unworkable”,
and vetoed all six bills.

San Diego lawyer Mike Aguirre said

“Jerry Brown’s vetoes show he is helping — not stopping — the dishonest practices known to the people of California.”

Jerry Brown’s top aides are PG&E execs. Brown enables the problem. It is unrealistic to think that he would change that.



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