Ontario, Canada: late night Smart Meter fire

From Bayshore Broadcasting News Centre

Smart Meter Fire in Owen Sound

by Matthew Sanderson
March 23, 2016

Fire officials say a number of electrical issues could have caused the small fire.

(Owen Sound) – A smart meter caught on fire at a home in Owen Sound.

It happened around 1:30 AM on Wednesday at a home on 6th Avenue West.

A picture of the damage caused by a fire in a smart meter in Owen Sound. (photo from @IAFF531)

A member of the family inside the home was up and noticed the lights flickering.

Once the family member noticed the fire on the smart meter, the rest of the family escaped the house unharmed.

Owen Sound Fire Prevention Officer Greg Nicol tells Bayshore Broadcasting News a number of electrical issues could have caused the fire inside the meter.

Nicol says the home was equipped with working smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector.

There was very minimal damage done to the side of the brick house.

He does say however, that if the house had siding in the area of the meter — it would have caught the house on fire.

Audio: http://www.bayshorebroadcasting.ca/downloads/audio/smart_fire.mp3


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