Canada: Residents demand answers from town council over high water bills and ‘leak’ notices

Received from Kindersley, Saskatchewan:

We are getting insanely high water bills in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. The consumption levels are so high homes should be flooding and we are getting bills to match. Residents are starting to get disconnection notices. People here are literally choosing between food and water because the water bills are so high. We have Neptune Smart Meters. Please help us!

Kindersley residents launched this petition:

Petitioning Town of Kindersley
Council Members and CAO

The residents of Kindersley need answers for high water bills and notice of leaks.

Many residents in the town of Kindersley are receiving extremely high water bills that can not be justified by the usage of water. Many are also receiving a notice that there is a leak within their home, we do not believe this is the case because of how many notices have been sent to all different areas of Kindersley.

The residents of Kindersley would like the opportunity to ask some questions regarding this municipal matter so that it does not continue.

We want to know how amounts are being calculated and then billed and how the meters work in coming up with amount of usage.

This is also a request for a public meeting so that all residents can ask questions and be answered in a public forum.

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