Industry scientist paid $14,681 for one day of testimony promoting Smart Meters

Dr. Leeka Kheifets, lately of UCLA, but also connected to the utility industry’s Electric Power Research Institute and the World Health Organization conflict-of-interest filled EMF Project, has frequently appeared for PG&E, APS, and other utility companies to vouch for Smart Meter and wireless safety.

What does an industry “expert” like Leeka Kheifets get paid for her testimony?

Arizona Public Service, an investor-owned utility company, used Kheifets in 2011 for a Smart Meter workshop on radio frequency “concerns”. In its current rate case, APS was asked what she was paid for that one-day appearance.

APS refused to say, but was ordered by the Administrative Law Judge to answer. This is what APS finally said:

APS retained Dr. Kheifets to present on behalf of the Company at the Commission’s September 8, 2011 workshop regarding radio frequency concerns for a total remuneration of $14,681.14.

That’s quite profitable.

Is that a conflict of interest? Yes, it is.

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