Paris to adopt stricter EMF radiation standards; most protective European city

From Telecom Paper

Monday 6 March 2017 | 09:40 CET | News

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo has reached an agreement with France’s four main mobile network operators aimed at introducing stricter network radiation norms. The EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) exposure limit is to be lowered to 5V/m from the current 7V/m for indoor spaces, representing a 30 percent reduction at the frequency reference of 900 MHz.

Announcing the news, Hidalgo said that Paris was to become the most protective across all the main European cities in terms of exposure from wireless network antennas, setting a lower limit than the one adopted in Brussels (6V/m). The new agreement, expected to be approved by the municipality of Paris at the end of March, also includes plans for a new monitoring service to help measure EMF levels within buildings.


For comparison’s sake: 5 V/m is approximately a power density of 7.5 microWatts/cm2.

0.1 microWatts/cm2 is the recommendation of the European Council — European Council Resolution 1815 (2011).

600 to 1,000 microWatts/cm2 is the exposure standard in North America.

I measured 15 microWatts/cm2 next to a California schoolyard. That’s 2X higher than the Paris standard. I measured 150 microWatts/cm2 outside a training center for teenagers.

Exposure is to get worse with the 5G tech (already being tested in Canadian towns) and with driver-less cars, etc. – with transceivers every 30 metres or less.

Existing wireless tech power densities are still doubling every few months or so.  Health stats are indicating expected effects, especially in children..

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