Alert: 5G bill being rushed through California legislature – SB 649

SB 649 is the “cell towers everywhere” bill. It mandates cell towers in the public’s right of way, and eliminates California cities’ and counties’ discretionary controls to regulate them. The Florida legislature just pushed through a similar bill, and it is waiting for the governor’s signature. SB 649’s author is Sen. Ben Hueso, with key support from Sen. Mike McGuire and Sen. Robert Hertzberg.

What distinguishes these “small cell” towers from usual cell tower projects on private property, is that these are

a) installed on utility poles,

b) installed in the public’s right of way

The public’s right of way includes the roads and highways, sidewalks and utility easements in communities — anywhere utility poles exist, anywhere there is a utility easement, for instance, in a back yard or side yard of a home of business. In all these locations, these cell antennas will be installed by carriers under this bill. They will be installed on most utility poles in front of people’s homes, businesses, schools, etc., due to the limits of the technology itself – the very high frequencies cannot go through obstacles. They will be installed everywhere. SB 649 also dictates that small cell towers will be installed on municipal infrastructure and also on municipal property where other commercial services are allowed.

CTIA – the wireless industry association – wrote this bill and provided amendments. SB 649 states: “The Legislature finds and declares that small cells…are not a municipal affair. The industry has repeatedly said they want to remove impediments – the public and local government rules. The bill does this, dictating that small cells must be approved anywhere. The only exception is on firehouses – an interesting side story.

This is eminent domain of the public’s right of way. There was no vote by the people for this new use. Most people don’t even know about 5G or the bill.

This is mandatory exposure to microwave radiation, and there is no informed consent.

5G frequencies are used by the military for active denial weapons systems which cause excruciating burning sensations. Though 5G will undoubtedly use lower power, it will be 24/7 exposure with cumulative effects. Research presented in Israel this year shows that the sweat ducts are perfect receptors for these frequencies, causing high absorption by the skin. The sweat ducts also have critical neurological sensors for other systems and organs including the heart. This is an experiment on the public with known hazards, including for wildlife, trees, and plants.

SB 649 violates the 14th Amendment and privacy rights for people who have been advised by their physician to avoid or reduce wireless radiation exposure and who are complying with that advice,

SB 649 also violates ADA. The bill itself states that these small cell towers have to comply with ADA, but they cannot comply. Where can a person who is disabled by electromagnetic and microwave emissions go when these are installed in their community and throughout California? How can a person travel freely and shop for groceries, go to the doctor, visit friends and family? With these installed everywhere, people who are electromagnetically sensitive will be unable to enjoy their homes. Their access to everything will be denied.

In many areas, these antenna arrays are already going up. In California, for example, San Francisco County approved these last year and has allowed them to be installed intensively. Other cities are approving them on a project by project basis, such as Santa Cruz. Santa Rosa invited telecoms to install them in the right of way, and Monterey rewrote its wireless ordinance to welcome them. Sacramento said it would trial 5G last month – in April.

There is no 5G standard yet, and much of the technology fantasized by industry doesn’t exist yet. This is a real estate grab. Some municipal opposition groups say this gives “favored nation status” to this industry.

SB 649 is moving rapidly through the California Senate. Its final hearing will be May 15 unless it is directed to the Health or Environment committees. Then it will be voted on by the Senate and move to the California Assembly.

The bill with links to its status and changes:

For information on the different aspects of 5G –

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