Arizona: APS and police threaten to arrest physician for refusing Smart Meters on office building

She had already been granted a medical exemption for her office.

From Dr. Deborah Dykema, The Wellness Center 



Dear Patients

On Thursday, March 1, 2018, at approximately 10:00 am Arizona Public Service (APS) came to my office without warning while I was seeing patients and threatened to have me placed in jail if I did not allow them to immediately install a cluster of 3 “smart meters” in very close proximity to where I work and see patients 14 hours daily 5-6 days per week. APS called the police when I refused installation and 2 police officers including a sergeant arrived and threatened to arrest me under statute 40-431.

I repeatedly asked the APS supervisor that this matter be discussed at a time that would not keep my sick patients waiting, and they refused, which stopped my ability to see patients with scheduled appointments for nearly 90 minutes. I had several patients that waited 90 minutes and several patients who left the office unable to be seen due to their disruption. 

I explained to APS that I personally have experienced serious health problems with a smart meter at my home that had to be removed. For this reason, I was granted a medical exemption for my office when I purchased the building 6 years ago. At that time they placed non-transmitting digital meters, which are currently working fine and they have access to. I explained that my business is taking care of many patients with extreme chemical and electrical sensitivities and the room where I care for these patients is literally 3 feet away from where they would place these 3 “smart meters”. They still refused. This standoff continued outside my building in full view of many of my patients. The police who had threatened me with arrest were on the phone and received approval from their legal department to arrest me under AS 40-431, even though I know now that this statute only applies to blocking the reading of the meters, which I was not, and does not apply to exchanging meters. 

The police stated now that they had legal approval to arrest me. I was certain I was going to have to go to jail to protect my health and the health of my patients and asked my receptionist to contact the media to film this tragedy. Shortly after that, APS finally backed down and stated they would send their installation crew away.

I am still in shock. That a law-abiding citizen and business owner just trying to take care of patients would have their business stopped by a powerful power monopoly without warning, that the police would threaten to arrest me at the monopoly’s insistence citing a statute that does not apply, that I do not have the right in my own building to protect my health and the health of my patients and employees. Has it really gone this far? Do we actually live in a police state where the health rights of individuals do not matter?

I am still in the process of letting the reality of this incident sink in.
I am certain APS will be back.

For those who have any suggestions on handling this particular situation, please contact me as I am new to being an outlaw.

Dr Deborah L Dykema 
Board Certified Physician
Business Owner
Delivering Healthy Healing in the Valley
For over 37 years

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