A new look: no ads!

If you’ve visited this site before now, you’ve seen annoying ads that WordPress puts on this website.

This website hasn’t received any income from those ads.

This website’s goal has always been to make information available to the public in the most accessible way possible. Recently I saw how distracting those ads were, detracting from the look and message of this site.

So today, I paid WordPress to remove its ads from Smart Meter Harm.

If you appreciate the information on this website and this free service to the public, please go to the Donate page and help pay the bills. Since 2012, thousands of people have visited this site, and it has received only one donation of $5. from a reader. Fortunately, colleagues have stepped in to help at critical times.

Keep the information flowing. Show your support for grassroots public advocacy. Donate to help this work and keep this service available to all.

Thank you.

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