France: Toulouse judge rules against Enedis, allows electromagnetically sensitive people to refuse Smart Meters

Smart Meters are called Linky meters in France.

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A Toulouse judge allows electrosensitive people to refuse the Linky meter

by Olivier Lebrun

March 20, 2019

This is a first in France, an appeals court judge in Toulouse on Monday ruled in favor of 13 plaintiffs who refused the installation of Linky meter for medical reasons. Enedis will not be able to install the new meter on the homes of these electro-hypersensitive people.

Toulouse, France

 This is a victory for the opponents of the Linky meter. For the first time, a judge of the Toulouse High Court hearing hears complaints from people who do not support the Linky meter for medical reasons. Based on medical certificates about the disputes, the judge ordered Enedis on Monday not to install the Linky at 13 individuals in Haute-Garonne and requires the distribution of “clean” electrical power without CPL (powerline current with high frequency current injected by the Linky installations).

A first breach for anti-Linky

“This is more than a stone into the garden of Enedis, this order confirms that the installation of the Linky is not mandatory for the consumer, who can refuse this installation, says Christophe Lèguevaques, one of the two lawyers representing these complainants sensitive to the waves emitted by the meters. “Of course, we still have some way to go to convince the courts of the urgency to act. But remember that the dangers of asbestos were revealed as early as 1906 and that it was not until 1996 that this product was banned, as the financial and industrial interests prevailed over the health of populations, “he said. .

“Some applicants could no longer live at home”

“This is an important step,” says Arnaud Durand, “Some applicants could no longer live at home because their home had become unbearable.This decision respects their dignity as a patient.” “Until now, the judges of the appeals court refused to decide, and preferred to reject the requests, leaving the trial judge to rule, leaving Enedis free to force Linky meters [on customers] “, explain the lawyers.

For several months, Toulouse lawyer Christophe Léguevaques and his Paris colleague Me Arnaud Durand have initiated proceedings on behalf of 5,500 individuals in 22 courts in France. The anti-Linky meter fight continues, with new hearings soon in Versailles, Nanterre, Grenoble, Evry, Narbonne, Nevers and Tours. Enedis has already appealed the decision of the Toulouse judge.

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