August 3-14, 2020: Air Force exercise Red Flag 20-3 may cause health problems

A member of the public alerted me today to a new military exercise happening now. People are reporting health problems including being unable to sleep/insomnia and loud ringing in the ears. Other sudden onset or worsening health problems based on RF research may include heart rhythm disturbances, nausea, cognitive problems, headaches and migraines, neurological problems, and flu-like symptoms.

Information on the exercise was posted on a forum. www(dot)airliners(dot)net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1449617
Contact the AFB for more information:

Courtesy of Nellis Air Force Base Media Operations. Red Flag 20-3 runs from today 8/3 through 8/14.

For more information about Red Flag, contact the Nellis Air Force Base Public Affairs Office at 702-652-2719 or by email at

Also contact your Congressional representatives for information and to complain. These experiments/military exercises are a public health threat and are done without any notification or advance warning, public hearings, environmental review, or full informed consent from the public.

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