California Gov. Newsom faces recall election Tuesday; Sacramento journalists expose California fires, PG&E, Gavin Newsom, and CPUC in series “Fire-Power-Money”

From ABC10 KXTV Sacramento


For nearly three years, ABC10’s Fire – Power – Money team has been at the forefront covering California’s wildfire crisis, the danger of PG&E’s power lines, and how the company avoids accountability. 

Now, ABC10’s award-winning investigative series reveals how California’s state government, under Governor Gavin Newsom, responded to PG&E’s deadly crimes by giving the company rewards and protection.

Season 1 Episodes

CONTROLLING OUR WILDFIRES: How to control California fires–scientists explain.
(Premiered Jul 10, 2019 as “Fire”)

PG&E, FIRE AND POLITICS: California power company influences politics despite causing fires. (Premiered Jul 10, 2019 as “Power”)

CALIFORNIA’S BURNING CRISIS: How California fires are going to cost us all. (Premiered Jul 10, 2019 as “Money”)

Season 2 Special

The season two FIRE – POWER – MONEY special combines the major findings of ABC10’s award-winning investigation into the connection between wildfires, PG&E, and its influence on state politics as California’s wildfires continue to worsen. 

California wildfires: How PG&E continues to avoid accountability (Premiered Dec 23, 2020)

Season 2 Episodes

IT WAS A CRIME: California’s largest power company guilty of deadly crime. (Premiered Oct 29, 2020)

RELATED: Former Cal Fire chief believes PG&E-caused fires will kill more people

CRIMINAL THINKING: Why does PG&E keep causing deaths? Experts explain. (Premiered Nov 12, 2020)

RELATED: PG&E ‘continues to engage in criminal thinking,’ says former regulator

KILLER CORPORATION: Inside PG&E’s criminal investigation. (Premiered Nov 19, 2020)

RELATED: State officials harmed PG&E Camp Fire criminal investigation, Butte County prosecutors say

WHISTLEBLOWER: California whistleblower says PG&E free of consequences. (Premiered Dec 3, 2020) [Interviews former CPUC Executive Director Alice Stebbins]

RELATED: ‘I don’t think we held PG&E accountable,’ says state whistleblower

BLOOD MONEY: California politicians and campaigns got $2.1 million from bankrupt, guilty PG&E. (Premiered Mar 2, 2021)

RELATED: ‘Blood money’ | California politicians and campaigns received $2.1 million from bankrupt, guilty PG&E

RUN TO FAILURE: Investigation shows PG&E knew old power line parts had ‘severe wear.'(Premiered Feb 16, 2021)

RELATED: ABC10 Investigation: PG&E knew old power line parts had ‘severe wear’ months before deadly Camp Fire

JUNK SCIENCE: PG&E made shutoff decisions based on ‘junk science.'(Premiered Feb 2, 2021)

RELATED: Investigation: PG&E made shutoff decisions on ‘junk science’ | ABC10 Originals

PG&E: Politics and crime: ABC10’s investigation found California politicians kept taking money from PG&E after the company pleaded guilty to 84 felony manslaughters. (Premiered April 26, 2021)

Season 3

‘MORE THAN A BAILOUT’: Documents reveal how Gov. Gavin Newsom protected PG&E and helped the power company avoid accountability. (Premiered August 10, 2021)

“THE FRENCH LAUNDRY CONNECTION’:  Gov. Newsom brokered a bankruptcy plan that prioritized PG&E, French Laundry friend’s clients over PG&E fire victims.  (Premiered August 11, 2021)

‘THE PG&E POLICE: INVESTIGATION: Governor Gavin Newsom’s office ‘micromanaged’ PG&E’s independent state regulators (Premiered August 12, 2021)

RELATED: Investment bankers charged California taxpayers $180,000 in travel while crafting PG&E bailout | Fire – Power – Money

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