American Heart Association is silent on heart cancer and irregular heart rate risks from cell phones, cell towers, and wireless radiation. Why? AT&T and IBM sit on the advisory board

The American Heart Association’s mission statement is 

To build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Yet, AHA fails to warn the public about serious, life-threatening cardiac impacts from wireless radiation exposure.

These risks include heart rhythm disturbances, heart tumors, cardiac arrest, as well as red blood cell clumping, high blood pressure, and stroke. Its only advisory — about pacemakers and ICDs — advises keeping cell phones 6” away from pacemakers/ICDs and out of pockets next to them, but claims cell phones are a “very small risk” to ICDs and “even less of a risk” to pacemakers.

Why the silence? AT&T and IBM sit on the American Heart Association CEO Roundtable advisory board, and have also likely contributed substantial dollar and in-kind donations to AHA.

AT&T; click on image to enlarge partial view of CEO Roundtable

How could the AHA say nothing when the National Toxicology Program research showed heart tumors after only two years of exposure? Yet, it did not.

Heart rhythm disturbances including Afib are increasing – no surprise. This is a common effect from microwave radiation exposure, which is rapidly rising. Yet, AHA fails to warn the public about this very common risk factor. Heart rhythm disturbances are frightening and can be extremely dangerous.

Untreated atrial fibrillation doubles the risk of heart-related deaths and is associated with a 5-fold increased risk for stroke “ — American Heart Association

Solutions can be very simple and cheap. But with no information and no investigation, the public undertakes expensive and risky medications and surgical procedures. Incidentally, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers also sit on the CEO Roundtable advisory board.

Calling AHA’s 800 number and speaking with an AHA spokeperson confirmed there are no advisories.

Instead, AHA acts as a cheerleader. It has launched the My Cardiac Coach app “designed to be a personalized recovery toolkit on your smart phone”, insuring more microwave exposure with

“– Trustworthy information from experts of the American Heart Association
— Interactive lessons to help you learn what you need to know
— Progress monitors for tracking blood pressure and weight
— Tools for logging physical activity and managing medications
— Connections to other survivors through our support network”

AHA additionally encourages cellphone use and publishies “studies” in its Journal that cellphones can assist in healthy lifestyles. This is all advertising for wireless tech and the toxic “Internet of Things”.

Bizarrely AHA explains on its website that heart function is controled by electrical energy, but omits all mention that the heart, neurological system, and entire body are constantly and increasingly bombarded with pulsed microwave radiation, exposed to high electromagnetic radiation fields from common household appliances, and surrounded by artificial low frequency EMF from electrical wiring.

The American Heart Association is a huge organization and considered a reliable source, but it is violating its mission, betraying the public’s trust, and causing great and avoidable harm.

On the CEO Roundtable:

“The CEO Roundtable members have collectively pledged to:
Serve as role models in taking positive steps toward healthy living.
Disseminate AHA research and other evidence-based outcomes on the science of workplace health among employers and employees.
Incorporate innovative technologies that help employees build, monitor and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.
Promote AHA’s Life’s Simple 7 as an evidence-based common standard for tracking heart health.
Recognize companies that build a culture of health and improved health outcomes for their workforce.
Amplify a clear call to action for other CEOs to take action in their own companies and communities.”

See also the Powell memo

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Are Smart Meters and wireless tech making you sick?

Some of the new-onset health problems reported following Smart Meter or wireless technology installation and use are :

tinnitus; hearing ringing, humming, clicking, or buzzing
headaches or migraines
rapid heartbeat, missed beats, or other heart problems
nausea or vomiting
insomnia, sleep disturbances
electromagnetic sensitivity — sensitivity to electronic or wireless devices such as TVs, computers, cell phones
agitation, hyperactivity, ADHD
ear pain
dizziness or disorientation
pacemaker defibrillation
difficulty breathing
head or chest pressure
high blood pressure
pulsing sensations
physical weakness or pain
excessive drowsiness
urinary problems
body temperature problems –too hot or too cold
problems with concentration or memory, brain fog
difficulty finding words
transient global amnesia
vision or eye problems
nose bleeds
weight loss
joint problems or edema
kin problems, including rashes,  flushing, eczema, burns
flu-like symptoms
anxiety, depression, apathy, or other mood disorders
suicidal thoughts
worsening of existing conditions
black-outs / fainting
sensation of paralysis
pets — abnormal health problems or death

These symptoms often decrease or disappear when a person is out of doors, or distant from buildings and wireless infrastructure

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Dr. Sharon Goldberg testifies at Michigan 5G small cell tower legislation hearing, October 4, 2018 — “Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period.”

“Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period. This is no longer a subject for debate when you look at PubMed and the peer-review literature. These effects are seen in all life forms; plants, animals, insects, microbes. In humans we have clear evidence of cancer now; there is no question. We have evidence of DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, which is the precursor of congestive heart failure, neuropsychiatric effects… 5G is an untested application of a technology that we know is harmful; we know it from the science. In academics this is called human subjects research.”
~ Dr. Sharon Goldberg, “We Are The Evidence” Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Sharon Goldberg Testifies at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018

SB 637 and SB 894, industry-sponsored 5G wireless infrastructure legislation passed though the Michigan House Energy Policy Committee this week with a vote of 15 to 4 despite this and other expert testimony.

Video posted by Michigan Safe Technology

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“Wireless Silent Spring” — similarities and impacts of pesticides and wireless radiation


By Cindy Lee Russell, M.D.
Physicians for Safe Technology

Published September/October 2018; Vol.24, Number 5
Santa Clara County Medical Association Bulletin

Black and white version Wireless Silent Spring

Color Graphic version Wireless Silent Spring

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Neptune smart/AMI water meters have 1-watt pulses

Showcased in 2018 by Neptune Technology Group, these AMI meters send 1-watt microwave radiation pulses every 7 ½ minutes, as well as 100 mW pulses every 14 seconds. The 1-watt pulses are for fixed network data collectors – eg. “small cell” towers in the public right of way.

Even if a water company only has an AMR system at present – with drive-by or walking data collection — these meters will automatically transmit 1-watt pulses as if there was “small cell” infrastructure or nodes to receive them, with no need for “any type of MIU reprogramming or reconfiguration” later.

Neptune describes these 1-watt pulses as “high-power”. Electrical engineers I’ve spoken with confirm these are high power, such as from equipment 2+ miles away. These 1-watt transmitters will be inside homes and in sidewalks, with constant, close public access.

The meters are also 2-way communicating.

The R900® MIU unit is the RF transmitter unit, and is connected to the battery-powered water meter (eg. T-10), which has its own digital mechanics.

Spec sheet for R900® MIU

From the Neptune website:

Why the R900® MIU?

A single radio frequency unit, Neptune’s R900® MIU features an interleaved, high-power, 1-watt fixed network message that reduces infrastructure costs while allowing reading in any mode – walk-by, mobile, or fixed network – without separate reading systems, site visits, or any type of MIU reprogramming or reconfiguration. Available in both wall and pit mount configurations, the R900 MIU greatly improves access to meter readings, and delivers detailed consumption information as well as alerts for leak or backflow, helping your utility more proactively identify and resolve customers’ questions. “

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Boiling point: CPUC considers converting Pacific Gas and Electric into a publicly owned utility; sweeping measures proposed to resolve chronic safety problems

Investigation 15-08-019 (I.15-08-019)

Order Instituting Investigation on the Commission’s Own Motion to Determine
Whether Pacific Gas and Electric Company and PG&E Corporation’s Organizational Culture and Governance Prioritize Safety.

Given PG&E’s record and the dangers inherent in PG&E’s service territory, the Commission must evaluate whether there is a better way to serve Northern California with safe and reliable electric and gas service at just and reasonable rates.

Press release:

Scoping memo and ruling:

Excerpts from the Scoping Memo –

“1. Principles

Continuous, safe, and reliable gas and electric service at just and reasonable rates must be provided to Northern California in order to protect human life and sustain prosperity…The Commission will examine PG&E’s and PG&E Corporation’s (PG&E Corp.) current corporate governance, structure, and operations to determine if the utility is positioned to provide safe electrical and gas service, and will review alternatives to the current management and operational structures of providing electric and gas service in Northern California…

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Electrical engineer testifies to Iowa Utility Board in challenge to Alliant (IPL) Smart Meter roll-out and Sensus non-compliance to FCC Class B Specs (VIDEO)

Engineer Bill Bathgate testified to the Iowa Utility Board on December 5, 2018. His testimony is on video #6 and starts at 1:43:40

He makes reference to these exhibits:

Exhibit 51
Exhibit 215
Exhibit 216

From Fairfield Safe Meters:

Iowa Utility Board Hearing Videos:  Click here to watch

Fairfield challenges Alliant Energy (IPL).

Fairfield took on Alliant Energy (IPL is the parent company) November 5 and 6, and December 5, 2018. These videos give a very interesting inside look at Alliant’s plans for the smart meter rollout and why we are fighting so hard to stop it. There are many riveting cross examinations by Fairfield’s lawyers.


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