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Insurance exclusion and litigation risks: a coming storm for wireless?

From Talk Markets By Gloria Vogel July 27, 2017  Increased RF injuries may result from the proliferation of antennas to support expanding wireless activity. As workers and the medical community begin to better understand those RF injuries, the wireless industry … Continue reading

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Senate Bill 649 strikes at the electric grid, with utility workers in the crosshairs

August 12, 2017 PDF The electrical grid can be crippled by several methods, including physical attack, hacking, solar electromagnetic pulses, and by disabling utility workers. This last method is a consequence of California’s Senate Bill 649i and other 5G/”small cell” … Continue reading

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Alarming discovery: “nerve block” frequencies emitted by Smart Meter (Landis & Gyr) – VIDEO

Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward Sedona, Arizona October 8, 2016 Everyone knows that wireless “smart” meters communicate via microwaves. What was unknown until now is that additional frequencies are transmitted in the 2 to 50 kilohertz range. Numerous studies … Continue reading

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Lloyd’s of London excludes liability coverage for RF/EMF claims

Credit to Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in British Columbia, for bringing this information to the public.  Lloyd’s of London excludes any liability coverage for claims, “Directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to … Continue reading

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