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Propaganda and the war on science: 

One of the placards at a March for Science event promoted “sound science”. That term was coined by the tobacco industry to sow doubt on the science on cigarettes. Galileo was not consensus science, and he was not considered sound … Continue reading

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Project Censored report: Global PR firms shape the news and manage public perception

Why are websites such as this necessary? Dive into different state or country Smart Meter controversies, and you see Smart Meters are a terrible fraud and scandal, and many people are being hurt. However, the mainstream news rarely covers this except … Continue reading

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“The cloud never forgets”: Every move you make, every click you take, every appliance you use, they’ll be watching you

“[I]t’s already built a profile on every American adult, including young people who wouldn’t be swept up in conventional databases…” Smart Meters and the Home Area Network provide the equivalent of a video feed of daily life inside homes and … Continue reading

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