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Ecologist: Krakow, Poland is fighting back against the rising tide of electromagnetic smog amid increasing evidence of its harmful effects

From the Ecologist: by Lynne Wycherley January 12, 2016 As Kraków, Poland’s second city, takes steps to protect its citizens from rising electromagnetic ‘smog’ from mobile phones, wifi, Bluetooth, smart meters and other devices, Lynne Wycherley summarises 2016’s news highlights … Continue reading

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Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression

Neurological, psychiatric, and specifically cognitive impacts are commonly reported by the public after exposure to wireless microwave technology, including Smart Meters. These include Insomnia, headaches and migraines, tinnitus, heart rhythm disturbances, seizures, dizziness, blackouts, memory loss, concentration difficulties, mood disorders … Continue reading

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Presentation to Oregon Legislature: Wireless radiation produces health effects by activation of voltage-gated calcium channels (VIDEO)

On February 24, 2014, Dr. Martin Pall and Dr. Paul Dart gave presentations to the Oregon State Legislature House Committee on Health Care on the biological and health effects of microwave radiation.  Here is the information from Dr. Pall. Martin … Continue reading

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