Are Smart Meters (and wireless tech) making you sick?

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Below are some of the health problems reported following Smart Meter installation:

tinnitus/hearing ringing or buzzing
headaches or migraines
rapid heartbeat, missed beats, or other heart problems
nausea or vomiting
insomnia, sleep disturbances
electromagnetic sensitivity — sensitivity to electronic or wireless devices such as TVs, computers, cell phones
ear pain
dizziness or disorientation
pacemaker defibrillation
difficulty breathing
head or chest pressure
high blood pressure
pulsing sensations
physical weakness or pain
excessive drowsiness
urinary problems
body temperature problems –too hot or too cold
problems with concentration or memory, brain fog
difficulty finding words
transient global amnesia
vision or eye problems
nose bleeds
weight loss
skin problems, including rashes, eczema; 
flu-like symptoms
anxiety, depression, apathy, or other mood disorders
suicidal thoughts
worsening of existing conditions
blacking out
sensation of paralysis
pets — abnormal health problems or death

These symptoms often decrease or disappear when outside, or when distant from buildings and wireless infrastructure

Some individuals in a family may be symptomatic while others are not. However, that does not mean the microwave and dirty power emissions aren’t affecting everyone. A researcher in the documentary Take Back Your Power showed that significant changes to the blood occurred in all people tested,  regardless of whether they felt anything.

If you suspect that your health problems may be related to wireless exposure, it is very important that you reduce your exposure as much and as quickly as possible. When a person is away from Smart Meters, the symptoms usually subside, though it can take awhile. Move sleeping areas away from where Smart Meters are located, which may bring some relief from problems.

A resource for your physicians: EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses

Health problems tend to increase in severity over time and can develop into very serious health problems.  It can be very difficult to heal from these injuries. One of the problems that can develop – electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS), also known as electrohypersensitivity – makes it difficult to be around any electrical devices or appliances. Some people have had to sleep with most electrical breakers off in their home or live without electricity entirely. This is not something to fool around with.

Replacing Smart Meters with analog electromechanical meters is very important. All meters – electric, natural gas, water – should be replaced. Some states have an opt-out — California has an opt-out for the investor-owned utilities, but not necessarily for municipal utilities. Find out what legal remedies you have in your state and with your utility.

In the end, it is the health of you and your loved ones which is at stake.

Watch the documentary Take Back Your Host a film night for your friends and neighbors. Then, together decide what you want to do for the health and safety of your families.

See this article about what one Californian did:

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