50,000 customers in British Columbia resisting Smart Meters

The utility industry generally describes resistance to Smart Meters as a few loud individuals.

The letter below from a community advocate in British Columbia and the resolution adopted by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities(1) show a very different reality. B.C. Hydro is the utility for British Columbia residents.

From Citizens for Safe Technology – www.citizensforsafetechnology.org

50,000 Hydro customers resisting Smart Meters (Letter)

Letter to the Editor of BC Local News

In response to Tom Fletcher’s article posted May 10 and titled “Smart meter refusal fees trimmed”:

Part of this article seems to paint a picture that only “a “few” people in British Columbia continue to resist the installation of a Smart Meter on their homes and have false or exaggerated claims in order to sell solutions to the purported hazards…”

Actually sir, there are well over 50,000 BC Hydro customers currently resisting the installation of these “gadgets” on their homes and with good reason.

Did you know that right here in British Columbia, the civil, privacy, human, constitutional and Canadian Charter Of Rights of many of Hydro’s customers has and continues to be ignored and violated in an effort to force them to accept the installation of a Smart Meter on their homes and businesses?

There are and have been attempts (many have been successful) made by Hydro to trespass on the private properties of their customers. Many have been and continue to be exposed to Hydro’s bullying tactics, threats and attempts to coerce and/or blackmail them in an effort to install these “contraptions” on their homes.

-As we sit here debating this issue, there are more than 50,000 tax paying citizens in British Columbia who have come together and are in the process of suing BC Hydro and make no mistake, we are the proud members of: “The BC Coalition against Smart Meters”, “Stop Smart Meters BC”, “Take Back Your Power” and the “Citizens for safe technology” organizations.

…Tom Fletcher and those who remain convinced that Smart Meters are safe and that over 50,000 folks in B.C. are mistaken, let me ask you this…

If you still think there’s only a “few” BC Hydro  customers trying to make a big fuss over the changing of a little meter, allow me to extend to you all an invitation to explore the information on just one of our websites: www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca

To read the complete letter, go to http://www.citizensforsafetechnology.org/50000-Hydro-customers-resisting-Smart-Meters-Letter,2,3882


(1) Resolution adopted as proposed, 9-30-11




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