City Power Smart Meters already having problems in South Africa

City Power’s Smart Meter roll-out has just started in Johannesburg, South Africa, and already there are problems.

There have been allegations of fraud and corruption.

Customers are reporting high bills following installation.

Now, 400 “high-end” users were never billed for electricity use, and Independent Newspapers is censoring comments on its website IOL.

This is just the beginning of the Smart Meter roll-out by City Power and the beginning of problems for South Africans.

Once again, elected officials looked the other way and listened to utility industry marketing campaigns. Once again, news media outlets cover just enough to sell papers, but lack the honesty to fully inform the public.

There is a substantial and growing international record of Smart Meter problems and public opposition, yet South African politicians ignored all of it when they approved this program. 

That is not only completely shameful. That is criminal negligence and worse.


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