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Electrical engineer testifies to Iowa Utility Board in challenge to Alliant (IPL) Smart Meter roll-out and Sensus non-compliance to FCC Class B Specs (VIDEO)

Engineer Bill Bathgate testified to the Iowa Utility Board on December 5, 2018. His testimony is on video #6 and starts at 1:43:40 He makes reference to these exhibits: Exhibit 51 Exhibit 215 Exhibit 216 From Fairfield Safe Meters: Iowa … Continue reading

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High water bills in Georgia halt installation of malfunctioning Sensus ‘smart’ water meters

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution DeKalb halts installation of so-called “smart” water meters By Mark Niesse – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution October 11, 2016 So-called “smart” water meters are malfunctioning across DeKalb County, leading to the high utility bills that prompted a … Continue reading

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Certification laboratory says Smart Meter “design flaws…known to cause serious fire hazards”

Here it is, again — proof that the industry has been very concerned about Smart Meter fires, and proof that it has been lying about the hazard. MET Laboratories is A leading independent electrical testing & certification lab providing true … Continue reading

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Ontario’s Smart Meter program called “abject failure”; 5,400 Smart Meters removed due to fire risk

New Democrat MPP Peter Tabuns — “They blew billions of dollars on meters that haven’t saved us energy, haven’t saved us money, and are presenting a threat to public safety.” Progressive Conservative MPP John Yakabuski — “yet another example of … Continue reading

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Canadian report on Smart Meters finds warning signs ignored, customer safety not high enough priority for SaskPower

From CBC News, October 27, 2014 Moisture and other contaminants got into Sensus smart meters, says an engineering report that’s part of the CIC smart meter review. (CIC Smart Meter Review) Related Stories Sask. let ‘unqualified’ workers install meters, NDP says NDP … Continue reading

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Lakeland Electric to Replace 10,657 Residential Smart Meters in Florida

The Ledger News reported August 26 that Lakeland Electric in Florida will be replacing Smart Meters. These are also Sensus, and have the remote connect/disconnect switch. Smart Grid Awareness writes about the domino effect and the fire issue in its … Continue reading

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Sensus whistleblower warned about defective meters and fire hazard in 2009; US attorney general refused to investigate

In 2012, Stop Smart Meters reported about a lawsuit against Sensus, Southern Company, and Alabama Power by a former Sensus engineering employee. In Alabama in 2009, a Sensus engineering employee named Don Baker was fired for repeatedly alerting his management … Continue reading

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Insurance Brokers Association: Ignoring Smart Meter problems increases liability

Medicine Hat News City could be liable for smart meter fires By Gillian Slade July 29, 2014. The City of Medicine Hat could be held responsible if a smart meter results in a fire and should therefore be diligent about … Continue reading

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How many RF pulses per day from a Smart Meter?

Utility companies have repeatedly claimed that their Smart Meters emit Only 6 times a day Less than a minute Only a few minutes each hour (Southern California Edison — SCE) Once every 4-6 hours (Pepco) “Does not continuously broadcast all … Continue reading

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Another fire: Landis & Gyr Smart Meter causes apartment building fire, February 2014 (VIDEO)

This apartment fire occurred in Bensalem, Pennsylvania on February 6, 2014. 14 families were displaced 7 apartments had fire damage, 5 had significant damage 11 apartments had smoke and water damage 1 firefighter was injured It was caused by a … Continue reading

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