Smart water meters emit 6,200 – 43,000 RF pulses per day

Neptune R900 Smart Meter

Broadcasts every 11-14 seconds, 24 hour a day.

Total pulses per day:  6200 – 7850 from each meter

Specifications for Neptune R900 Smart Meters

Mueller Hot Rod (can be used in conjunction with other meters such as the Hersey 452)

Broadcasts every 2-3 seconds, 24 hours a day

Total pulses per day:  29,000 — 43,000 from each meter.

Specifications for Mueller Hot Rod unit

Specifications for Mueller Integral Hot Rod

These meters can become AMI meters with the installation of antennas on utility poles.

Your water usage data is constantly broadcast wirelessly and is updated every 15 minutes – 1 hour.

Wireless transmission means your data can be received by anyone with the right equipment.

“The [Mueller] Integral HOT ROD module transmits or “bubbles up” every 3 seconds on multiple frequencies…insuring a continuous information stream for absolute data collection.”

In contrast, a monthly total of your water use is collected from analog water meters.

Do you want

  • absolute data collection on you and your family?
  • the health impacts from these constant wireless emissions which will affect your family, your pets, the plants and trees, and wildlife?
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