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The Internet of Things sees all: Ohio authorities indict man through data from his pacemaker

From Engadget The way to a man’s heart is actually through WiFi Turns out the heart is deceitful above all things after all. By Violet Blue February 3, 2017 They say you can’t hide what’s in your heart, but the … Continue reading

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Ransomware attacks on electric and water utilities’ data on the rise

This certainly puts at risk of exposure and/or data corruption all the personal energy and lifestyle data flowing from Smart Meters to utilities. At the same time, if these attacks can even accidentally corrupt data that controls nuclear power plants, for … Continue reading

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Hacking expert warns Smart Meters could cause havoc

From Smart Grid Awareness September 21, 2015 Smart Grid Today conducted an interview last week with Cris Thomas, a strategist at Tenable Network Security and a founding member of the L0pht Hacker Collective.  L0pht was a hacker “think tank” active from 1992 … Continue reading

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BC Hydro security officials on Smart Meter vulnerabilities: “The consequences of deploying bad stuff [Smart Meters] are dire.”

Another exceptional article and video from Smart Grid Awareness By K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions This past week there was a meeting of BlackHat USA 2015 in Las Vegas, where InfoSec professionals met.  As part of a blog article written about … Continue reading

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Smart cities the world over ripe for hacking, expert says

“The current attack surface for cities is huge and wide open to attack” “This is a real and immediate danger.” Canberra Times “It’s a matter of time until someone launches an attack over some city infrastructure or system.” Motherboard This … Continue reading

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German govt. expert warns Smart Meters are access points to electricity grid, hacking the grid from private homes possible

“Introducing smart meters means you install access points to the electricity grid in private homes,” said Reinhard Gruenwald, an energy expert at the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag, a scientific institution advising German lawmakers. “You can’t physically … Continue reading

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Former CIA Director warned about the Smart Grid (VIDEO)

In this August 15, 2011, interview, former CIA Director James Woolsey warned about hacking risks and the inadequacy of electrical grid security. “What they’re doing now, they’re constructing what they call a ‘Smart Grid.’ And they’re going to make it … Continue reading

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