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Mass response to price signals via Smart Meters can cause mass blackouts

From PV Magazine Smart meters can jeopardize grid reliability By:  Mirco Sieg/Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger July 27, 2015 Electricity consumers who respond to fluctuating price signals by means of smart meters can in turn cause mass blackouts. The researchers at the University of Bremen … Continue reading

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German govt. expert warns Smart Meters are access points to electricity grid, hacking the grid from private homes possible

“Introducing smart meters means you install access points to the electricity grid in private homes,” said Reinhard Gruenwald, an energy expert at the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag, a scientific institution advising German lawmakers. “You can’t physically … Continue reading

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March 17, U.S. Senate hearing on electric grid innovations

There is no representation of the public at this hearing. and therefore, the committee will not receive information about the myriad problems and costs of Smart Meters and the Smart Grid. NARUC will be on the panel (see previous posts on … Continue reading

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