BC Hydro security officials on Smart Meter vulnerabilities: “The consequences of deploying bad stuff [Smart Meters] are dire.”

Another exceptional article and video from Smart Grid Awareness

By K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions

This past week there was a meeting of BlackHat USA 2015 in Las Vegas, where InfoSec professionals met.  As part of a blog article written about this meeting, there was the following updated entry by Steve Ragan who attended the meeting:

Smart Meter Threat Vectors“I had an interesting discussion after getting my badge at DEF CON this afternoon about smart grids.

A friend of mine reminded me of a talk given during BSides Las Vegas last year about securing smart meter infrastructure.  The focus of the talk was BC Hydro, the electric utility in British Columbia, and their move to smart meter adoption, as well as the security risks associated with this upgrade.

Smart meters and ICS [Industrial Control System] security issues are a serious topic in many parts of InfoSec due to their reach into a person’s home and life.  It’s a talk worth watching,…”

Upon reading the above updated blog entry, SkyVision Solutions reviewed the video files for the BSides meeting from last year and discovered presentation materials and statements by presenters that were almost surreal in nature on the subject of smart meter vulnerabilities for what were called physical, cyber, and social threat vectors.

For complete article and video:

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