Certification laboratory says Smart Meter “design flaws…known to cause serious fire hazards”

Here it is, again — proof that the industry has been very concerned about Smart Meter fires, and proof that it has been lying about the hazard.

MET Laboratories is

A leading independent electrical testing & certification lab providing true single-source testing in four world-class laboratories in Maryland, California & Texas, and through wholly-owned China, Taiwan & Korea operations. MET Laboratories offers a unique array of testing services and accreditations, and partners with leading laboratories to offer comprehensive global compliance solutions. For over 50 years, MET has provided leading-edge customers with unparalleled facilities and technical know-how, and real-time online tracking of each project’s progress.

On February 16, 2015, they posted this information to their news blog Compliance Today:

“In the past, design flaws in smart meter units have been known to cause serious fire hazards and spotty performance. This has caused a lot of concern for utilities and manufacturers of smart meters. To prevent problems like this, a new voluntary safety standard – UL 2735 – has been created for electric utility meters…”
New UL 2735 Electric Utility Meter Standard Ensures Safety and Performance

Not only do Smart Meters have “design flaws” that cause “serious fire hazards” but they also provide “spotty performance.” In other words,  they’re dangerous, and they don’t work right.

This declaration from an international electrical testing and certification lab says what knowledgeable members of the public, whistleblowers, and electrical workers unions have been saying for years.

These “design flaws” — crap engineering — have “caused a lot of concern for utilities and manufacturers of smart meters.”

And yet, these companies repeatedly deny any problems with their meters, blaming fires and electrical problems on “hot sockets” and poor installation. Utility companies, meter manufacturers, and smart grid promotional organizations have gone as far as to ridicule and attempt to discredit the public when they have raised this issue.

All the while, these flawed Smart Meters are installed on the walls of millions of homes, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other buildings across the world.

Another note: Sensus went through UL certification for one of its fire-prone Smart Meter models — and passed.

Here’s a screen shot of this post, captured January 5, 2016

MET Laboratory web page, captured January 5, 2016

MET Laboratory web page, captured January 5, 2016



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